AloCubano Salsa Festival

Authentic Cuba Dance Experience!

24 - 30 AUG • 2025 Havana

Information about tickets and bookings will be available in SEP 2024

Established by Julio Espinal from Santiago de Cuba!

AloCubano Salsa Festival Cuban Festival

Welcome to the family that unites!

AloCubano isn't just an event; it's a vibrant family, welcoming everyone with open arms. At our salsa congress, we come together to build a diverse community, uniting people of all ethnicities and identities on the dance floor. Here, laughter and rhythm blend as we explore culture through music and dance.

Lo Máximo!

During our dance-filled weekend, Culture in form of Music and Dance take center stage, but don't forget the Sabrosura - it brings a vibrant spark to our lives!

AloCubano Salsa Festival

Our Mission

To promote & strengthen Creativity through Cultural Expressions & Arts.

AloCubano Salsa Festival

Asere Q'Bolá?

The moment you step into AloCubano, you'll be transported to a magical world filled with rich music, aromatic cigars, boundless joy, spicy rhythms, rum, and endless fiestas!

With our talented artists leading the way, you'll experience Cuban Culture in its purest form!

Está Volao!

We strongly believe that the essence of any society is a blend of creativity and culture. Today, these elements are crucial in bringing people together and fostering mutual understanding.

Recognizing diverse cultural expressions helps minimize global conflicts and enables us to create a worldwide

community that celebrates diversity on multiple levels.

AloCubano Salsa Festival