La’Fe means faith:

“As a defender of Cuban music and Cuban origins, I know how difficult it is for most Cuban musicians to keep this culture alive and the faith they put into all their projects.

there is also the will and faith of all those who in any way defend Cuban culture, for that reason and more I decided on this name for Dj, because I am also a defender and promoter of Cuban music.”


Erick M. Fernández

Dj La’Fe was born in Cuba, and has always been in love with music.

As a young boy, every morning he woke up to the music of famous El Benny's MoréIn thanks to his grandfather who was the artist’s tailor and had a close relationship with Benny.

Sitting on the roof with friends and trying to capture radio signals with music from the USA with a steel coat hanger was a struggle and worthwhile even though signals were never the best, it was important to be updated with new music.

In Sweden, DJ La’Fe, has worked with Adriana’s Dance House in Scandinavia Salsa Congress and other events under the same company.

He has also developed great cooperation withJulio Espinal at ALOCUBANO Festival, as well as with Arturo Rojas at Mama Rumba Festival, De La Havana a Eskilstuna Festival and other events that Arturo Organizes.

DJ La’Fe also organizes its own parties for anyone who loves Cuban music and dance culture.


Jesus Ruiz Rivera

DJ YEZÚZ is an ICON in the Latin scene on both sides of the Öresund Bridge.

He has been both event organizer and DJ for several years and toured around Europe giving the people his legendary Latin mixes!

DJ YEZÚZ always spreads joy with his music and always delivers on top to make sure he keeps up the good mood at every party he plays!


Dj Soto is best known as DJ Soto-Mayor and grew up in Cuba.

Since he came to Sweden, he has played as a DJ at various salsa clubs and events both in Sweden and abroad.

In 2016, he played at the San Francisco Salsa & Rueda Festival with great success together with "Timablive".

He has been a DJ at concerts with Los Van Van, Charanga Habanera, Maikel Blanco, Havana De Primera, Elio Reve, Calle Real, La Liga Habanera, Mayimbe and more.

For many years he played at "Klubb El Benny" - a club that had great acceptance for Cuban music.

He has played at most clubs in Stockholm and is much appreciated in Stockholm's Salsa World!

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