Raymon and Moa met for the first time in Stockholm 2019 and have been dancing together since then.

Raymon Sanchez was born and raised in Santiago de Cuba.He started his career as a dancer and actor in Cuba and later moved to Sweden where he started up his own successful dance school in the city of Malmö. Since about one year ago he has been living and teaching in Stockholm.

As a teacher and performer he is highly appreciated for his passion, energy and creative style.

Raymon is very focused on giving his students the best tools to express themselves through dance, and how to connect with the music. In his workshops you can be sure to be challenged and have a very good time!

Moa Carina Mackegård was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. She is trained by Arturo Rojas and Nina Gomez and has been a part of Arturo Rojas Group Agua and Nina Gomez Timba Divas.

Together with Arturo Rojas and his Group Agua she won the World Championship of Rueda in 2018.

As a teacher she is appreciated for her gentle approach and good pedagogy.In her workshops you can be sure that she will give everything she has to make you learn and develop as a dancer!

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