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Party Pass opens for you the doors to all 3 Las Fiestas De Luxus as well as Matiné del Domingo Sunday Social!

You can also buy a Single Party Ticket.

Bachata Pass is a warm welcome for our lovely Bachateros!

You can take part in all 3 Las Fiestas De Luxus , Matiné del Domingo Sunday Social as well ass our special Bachata Workshops!

Full Pass gives you a lot of possibilities.

You can take part in all Las Fiestas de Luxus &  Matiné del Domingo Sunday Social but foremost you have access to high quality workshops with  top class artists.

Master Classes are not included.

Master Pass invites you to the whole new world.

With this Pass you can enjoy all Las Fiestas de Luxus, Matiné del Domingo Sunday Social and take part in all workshops.

You also have a very special access to all Master Classes!

These are  special classes with high level engagement that teach you brand new skills.

By purchasing any pass for Alocubano Salsa Festival you agree to the conditions -> TERMS CONDITIONS & EVENT REGULATIONS.

Festival passes will be available for cash at the festival office during the event only if they are not sold out earlier.

Prices given are subject to changes in case of currency exchange rate fluctuation.

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