AloCubano Salsa Festival


Here comes your chance to perform on the world's hottest stage!

AloCubano Salsa Festival Cuban Festival Athens Shows


Dance Groups of at least 6 perfomers representing the styles: Cuban, Bachata, Salsa (on1, on2), hiphop and possible fusions. Children can participate only with an approval from their guardian.

AloCubano Salsa Festival Cuban Festival Athens Shows


The show should be around 2.5 min long. After a successful registration you will receive further instructions.

A dancer can participate in one show only.

AloCubano Salsa Festival Cuban Festival Athens Shows


There is no registration fee. Each performer must purchase a FULL PASS & is entitled to 20% discount. Tickets must be paid within 14 days after the registration. Registration closes on 05-APR-2023 or earlier in case there are no places left.

  • If no purchase is made within 14 days, your place will be allocated to the next group in the queue

  • It is not possible to return the FULL PASS

  • In the event of resignation from the group, the person is obliged to pay the remaining amount up to the full cost of the selected ticket valid for the time of resignation

  • Newjoiners of the group are required to purchase a FULL PASS with a -20% discount according to the price list at the time of change

  • In the event of a show cancellation, all tickets will also be canceled along with any free tickets associated with the group

  • The deadline for any changes is April 5th, 2023

  • Registering for the shows involves acceptance of the above regulations

  • The group’s leader is obliged to inform the participants about the above rules

Register your show using the form below. Upon successful application, we will contact you for further instructions.

I have read and accept the festival's terms & conditions as well as event's regulations.