AloCubano Salsa Festival


All festival participants and other members of the public in the event area are required to behave in a way that will not affect the health and safety of others and to adhere to the rules and safety regulations provided below.

Admission to the event area will be refused to:

a. anyone carrying prohibited items: alcohol, drugs, firearms, weapons, explosives, other dangerous objects and clothing or items that might impede identification (e.g. a balaclava)

b. any persons who act in an abusive or aggressive manner, fail to produce proof of identity or refuse a security (person or belongings) search

We will eject from the event any person who:

a. is behaving in an aggressive or abusive manner or deemed to be acting in a way that might pose a risk to others.

b. is in possession of prohibited items (listed in point 1.a.)

All participants must follow any safety instructions given by the Promoter or Security Personnel.

All incidents involving physical violence and verbal abuse against Security Personnel will be reported to the police.

The Personnel charged with the above are to take the necessary measures to avoid any situation that might violate the dignity of the person concerned or damage their personal property.

Minors remain the responsibility of their parents or legal guardians.

By entering the event site the participants grant the permission to be filmed, recorded or photographed; their likeness, image, voice, and words may be used for marketing or promotional purposes without compensation.

If a fire or other emergency is discovered in the event area:

a. notify Safety Personnel immediately,

b. avoid panic,

c. follow the instructions of Safety Personnel,

d. do not obstruct access for emergency services.

Event participants expressly agree that the primary purpose of Safety Personnel is to prevent any danger or potential danger to any person or property. Any action undertaken by Safety Personnel for this purpose in accordance with the law is authorized.

The present regulations are available at our website & will be displayed at the entrance to the venue, unobstructed and clearly visible to those entering the event.

Any person failing to comply with safety instructions issued by the Promoter or Security Personnel, pursuant to the Act of Law, shall be liable to a fine of no less than 500 EUR and may be barred from mass events for 3 to 12 months. Prohibited items will be confiscated, without liability, even if they belong to a third party.