T: Intensive Experience


Alicia Velasco ́s life has always been surrounded by art. Originally from Cáceres (Spain), she moved to Madrid at the early age of 17 to start her artistic training in the Alicia Alonso University Institute of Dance and she graduated in Physical Theatre of Movement in 2014.

Since then, she grew next to great teachers of dance and acting, with whom she got the chance to work and learn. During this time, Alicia trained many different disciplines such as Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Mambo and Theatre.

All this experience built the strong basis of her artistic personality as an actress, dancer and choreographer.

Her beginnings as a professional dancer found their way in the latin dance world when she started working at Esencia in 2012, team lead by Sara Panero and Marco Espejo.

Later on, in 2014, she joined the team Mambo Time Project by Falco Benalcázar.
Meanwhile, she founded, along with two other actresses, Al descubierto Physical Theater, a company in which she actively took part for three years, both as an actress and as a part of the direction.

Her latest contest was Mi Tierra World Competition in Italy in November 2019, where she won the third place as a soloist and the first place with the team Stravagirls.
Alicia Velasco ́s versatility and experience built her to be one of the current upcoming artists. As a result of her unique artistic perspective of dance and choreographies, she created a very charismatic and personal style in which acting is key, underlying each one of her shows.

After this period working as a dancer and actress, she decided to compete in a world championship in the soloist category for the first time. She represented her country in the Mundial de Pasos Libres La Negra Salsa in May 2016 and achieved the silver medal.This was also the year when she decided to start her own team: Mambo Rock.
Three years later, in 2019, she took part on the World Salsa Summit (Miami) championship in two different categories, resulting in different but successful outcomes: first place with the team Stravagirls and third place as a soloist. Shortly after these achievements, she joined another

international competition, this time in Paris: the Salsa Shines Contest. Alicia stood on the podium once more, accomplishing the second place.