T: Intensive Experience


Barbara was born in Santa Clara, Cuba.

She graduated from Escuela Vocacional de Arte.

Already as a young child she fell in love with dance and music.

She continued education in dance to compliment her artistic career.

Barbara lives in Italy where she gained even more experience with  Italian teachers.

For 9 years she has been performing with Roly Maden in Europe with Cuban dances like Afro, Timba, Rumba, Son, Salsa, Hip-hop and Reggaeton.

Barbara has also built a career as a singer, she has collaborated with producers like Berna Jam and Massimo Scalici, for the albums of Fernando Sosa, Roly Maden and Habana Mambo.

Barbara is also a well-known MC for many festivals all over Italy!

She has also performed with great Latin Stars singers like Gilberto Santa Rosa and Los Van Van.