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Danger and Yunaisy are one of the best Cuban salsa couples on the world salsa scene.

Their style is characterized by strength, excellent technique, precision of movements, and passion with which they interpret and dance each story.

Danger & Yunaisy (D&Y) have introduced a revolutionary way of interpreting Cuban salsa in pairs, respecting the principles of rotation and the elastic effect.

D&Y style is based on Cuban culture: the roots of afro, rumba and mixture of the different Cuban rhythms.

Danger and Yunaisy appeared in the semifinal of the fifth season of the television contest Got Talent Spain, after surprising with their emotion, energy and talent in the auditions.

Danger as a dancer of the Cuban company "Conjunto Artístico Maraguán" for seven years, received an exhaustive dance training in peasant folklore, Cuban popular, Haitian and Jamaican roots and deep-rooted congas in Cuba, and participated in the most important International Folklore Festivals of the World, most of them sponsored by the International Organizing Committee of Folkloric Festivals (CIOFF), in countries such as the Dominican Republic, Mexico, France, Portugal, Germany, Spain, Switzerland and Italy.

Yunaisy is a teacher of the CID-UNESCO (International Council of Dance of UNESCO).

She starred in the film Street Dance 2 and is an ambassador of Cuban culture around the world, as well as collaborator of important projects in the world of the performing arts.Yunaisy Farray is one of the most international dancers recognized in the world. She was born in Havana (Cuba), in a family where dance is the common thread.