AloCubano Salsa Festival


Yoyo Flow is a recognized Cuban dancer, attractive and charismatic, with an unique style and energy. He studied several courses of the famous school of Tony Menéndez. He has a huge stage experience of theaters such as “Nacional de Cuba”, “Mella”, “Karl Marks”.

He has also danced in the ballet shows “Tony Menéndez”, “Havana Dance Star”, “YOLDANCE”.

Living in Europe for several years now, Yoandy is one of the most successful Cuban artist, instructor and dancer on the continent. YOYO is the creator of #NewStyle Salsa, and now also a member of the Empire Dance Company group.


Barbara was born in Cuba in Santa Clara. She graduated from Escuela Vocacional de Arte.

Already as a young child she fell in love with dance and music. She continued education in dance to compliment her artistic career. For 9 years she has been performing with Roly Maden in Europe with Cuban dances like Afro, Timba, Rumba, Son, Salsa, Hip-hop and Reggaeton.

Barbara has also built a career as a singer, she has collaborated with producers like Berna Jam and Massimo Scalici, for the albums of Fernando Sosa, Roly Maden and Habana Mambo.


Seo was born in Cuba where he started dancing as a young boy. In 1989 he received the title of professional dancer. His abilities range from Hip Hop to folklore, from classical to salsa, from Chachacha to Rumba. He worked in various theaters in Havana and in 1992 became a member of the famous group Cubanacan. His role here was choreographer and he created shows that went on tour through South America and Europe. He has worked as a dancer for many TV shows on MTV. In 2008, he released his first album Atacando with the famous song "Remena". He combines a mix of afro rhythms, hip hop and jazz with salsa. Known by his singles "Sabes to porque" & "Intenso".

Eneris was born in 1987 in Havana, Cuba, where she grew up and studied to be a professional ballerina with a diploma from the Institute of Art. She has mastered Salsa, Rumba, Afro Cuban, Reggaeton, Hiphop and many more styles with energy and elegance.

Eneris Mulgado is considered one of the best female Cuban dancers in Europe and abroad, and she has spent the last few years dancing with Seo Fernandez and their team Latin Black Energy (Seo Fernandez, Alessia Cornaccia, Eneris Mulgado, Edwar Ramos).



Danger & Yunaisy are one of the best Cuban dance couples on the world salsa scene. Their style is characterized by strength, excellent technique, precision of movements, and passion. Danger & Yunaisy have introduced a revolutionary way of interpreting Cuban salsa in pairs, respecting the principles of rotation and the elastic effect.

D&Y style is based on Cuban culture: the roots of afro, rumba and mixture of the different Cuban rhythms. Danger & Yunaisy appeared in the semifinal of the fifth season of the television contest Got Talent Spain, after surprising with their emotion, energy and talent in the auditions.

Yunaisy is a teacher of the CID-UNESCO (International Council of Dance of UNESCO). She starred in the film Street Dance 2 and is an ambassador of Cuban culture around the world, Danger as a dancer of the Cuban company "Conjunto Artístico Maraguán" for 7 years, received an exhaustive dance training in peasant folklore, Cuban popular, Haitian and Jamaican roots and deep-rooted congas in Cuba.


Andy & Yuliet are two young talents who decided to walk the path of dance together. They both have a folkloric background, but they also represent extraordinary versatility and methodology when it comes to performing any Cuban style.

From the traditional rumba to a very modern reggaeton, with them you will be able to experience the Cuban culture, as well as enjoy the energy and dynamics that usually characterize their classes.

With so little time together on the stage they have been able to put the name and tradition of Cuban culture on a top high.


Cuban Salsa Masters, Dancers and Choreographers. She is Italian from Catania and he is from Havana. This Master Couple is specialized in the Cuban Salsa choreography and in Afro Rumba Cuban folklore.

They teach in Catania, Italy. These dancers and choreographers travel up and down Europe to share their knowledge in many festivals. Their lessons are always very appreciated and full of vitality.


Adonis Santiago Baez Fernandez comes  from Cuban Habana. Since childhood he was always a dance fanatic. As a 9 year old boy he started  dancing in a small dance group. His first steps were made in traditional cuban repertoire like Son, Danzon, Mambo, Cha Cha Cha, Mozambique etc.

From this exact moment his professional life has started. He performed on different stages around the island but also he took part in a dance tour in Italy.

When he was 15 years old he joined the National Arts School of Cuba - Musicals Shows. The School let him grow his technique and knowledge. Adonis attended his first classes of ballet, contemporary, jazz, afro cubans and latins styles.

During the same time he started his journey as choreographer. After graduation Adonis started his real professional life in the dancing industry, working for instance in Cuba, Sweden, Estonia and Turkey.

He now lives in Moscow, Russia, where he moved in November 2014. Adonis teaches social dances and at the same time performs in dance shows. He travels around the country and prepares many workshops, intensive courses, as well as takes part in the biggest events and festivals in Russia. Currently he is the director of his own dance school Artway as well as one of the organizers of the Festival Timba No Limit.


Addy started dancing at the age of 5 and became a part of the Academy of Classical Dance for Bambini “Ballet di Camaguey”.

She was born in Cuba in 1992. In 2007 she graduated from the Vocational School of Art ‘Luis Casas Romero” as Dancer of Cuban Modern Dances. In 2011 she obtained a diploma in “Bachiller in Art” Professional School of Art of Manuel Munoz Cedenos. Her made her speciality in Cuban Folk Dance at the Higher Institute of Art (Isa).

In 2013 she held a course in the CNEART (Centre National Art Site located in La Habana, Cuba) Improvisation Technique Methodology Choreographic. She began her dancing career in the same year at the “Ballet Folkloristico di Camaguey” and as choreographic composition teacher at the “Luis Casas Romero” Professional School of Art. She currently resides in Italy.


Leyanet started her adventure with dancing at the age of 5. She took her first steps in a Conga dance group with which she won many competitions. Throughout her childhood she had learned to dance with friends on the streets & parties taking part in many competitions and shows.

At the age of 19 Leyanet joined the "Creacion Salsera" group dancing there for 3 years Salsa, Danzon, Rueda de Casino, Rumba, afro-cuban and all the traditional Cuban dances.

In 2011 the group took second place in the competition in Havana "Bailar es algo más". At the Festival "La semana de la cultura" they won first place in the Rueda de Casino competition. Leyanet won as well the Salsa Partner competition at the university in Santiago de Cuba.

As a 22 years old Leyanet danced in the Folklore dance company called "Ikache" for one year and took a lot of first places in various competitions. Later on she joined the dance group "Ballet Folklorico Oriente" where she danced for 3 years Afro-cuban, franco-haitianos dances and Popular Cuban dances. Leyanet entered as well the dance group of Yanek Revilla “Sabor de calle (Sabor DKY)” and traveled with the group to Argentina and Denmark to perform and teach classes. Leyanet is specialized in many cuban dances:

Salsa (casino), Rumba Guaguancó y Yambu, Danzon, Son,Conga, Mambo, Pilon, Mozambique, Cha cha cha, Aro-cuban: Orishas, Palo, Vodu, Gaga, masun, Merengue haitiano. Reggaeton, Kuduro and Afro-house.


Keke is a well known dancer, choreographer and instructor. He was born in Cuba, the country where he grew up and trained as an arts instructor. In his beginnings as a professional he took his first steps in a company of shows and audiovisuals "Malaika", to later have the honor to work together with the teacher Yanek Revilla and his show company Sabor DKY.

Keke took part in outstanding tours and international events. He worked with top-level artists such as Haila Maria Mompie, Maikel Blanco and Septeto Santiaguero.

With his great performance as a dancer and teacher he contributed a lot to Cuban popular dances and Afro-Cuban dances.


Alicia Velasco ́s life has always been surrounded by art. Originally from Cáceres (Spain), she moved to Madrid at the early age of 17 to start her artistic training in the Alicia Alonso University Institute of Dance and she graduated in Physical Theatre of Movement in 2014. Since then, she grew next to great teachers of dance and acting, with whom she got the chance to work and learn. During this time, Alicia trained many different disciplines such as Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Mambo and Theatre.

All this experience built the strong basis of her artistic personality as an actress, dancer and choreographer.

Her beginnings as a professional dancer found their way in the latin dance world when she started working at Esencia in 2012, team lead by Sara Panero and Marco Espejo. Later on, in 2014, she joined the team Mambo Time Project by Falco Benalcázar.
Meanwhile, she founded, along with two other actresses, Al descubierto Physical Theater, a company in which she actively took part for three years, both as an actress and as a part of the direction.

After this period working as a dancer and actress, she decided to compete in a world championship in the soloist category for the first time. She represented her country in the Mundial de Pasos Libres La Negra Salsa in May 2016 and achieved the silver medal.This was also the year when she decided to start her own team: Mambo Rock. Three years later, in 2019, she took part on the World Salsa Summit (Miami) championship in two different categories, resulting in different but successful outcomes: first place with the team Stravagirls and third place as a soloist. Shortly after these achievements, she joined another international competition, this time in Paris: the Salsa Shines Contest. Alicia stood on the podium once more, accomplishing the second place.

Her latest contest was Mi Tierra World Competition in Italy in November 2019, where she won the third place as a soloist and the first place with the team Stravagirls.
Alicia Velasco ́s versatility and experience built her to be one of the current upcoming artists. As a result of her unique artistic perspective of dance and choreographies, she created a very charismatic and personal style in which acting is key, underlying each one of her shows.