T: Intensive Experience


Tadej Mulej & Andreja Nježić

Extremly talented TADEJ with his outstanding style:

  • he photographed 47 international dance festivals and 65 local and nearby dance parties in 8 years
  • alongside Salsa he also photographed Swing, Tango, Kizomba and West Coast Swing
  • he is an academic photographer as he is a Bachelor of Photography degree
  • his photographic studio is located Ljubljana, Slovenia

"At brand Piqant we obey the Da Vinci philosophy and try to cover all specters of photography.

Our mission is to photograph through the most important human sense – the eye, rousing emotions and seal the image in your eternal memory".

Visionist ANDREJA with an eagle eye:

  • her passion is video but she is also a photographer
  • she loves Latin music and her video clips always feature musicality in post process
  • Andreja is normally taking care about aesthetics, while Tadej is taking care of technical aspect, they perfectly complete each other