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30 MAY 2021

The government has produced a plan for how and when the restrictions that have been introduced in Sweden and the advice and recommendations given to the public during the pandemic can be adapted and completely lifted. It is now time to return step by step to a more normal everyday life.

The plan for the abolition of the restrictions developed in connection with the covid-19 pandemic.
The plan is based on the restrictions being adapted and phased out in 5 steps.
Step 1 is effective from the 1st of June and means, among other things, that:
New participations ceilings for some activities
Tivoli parks and markets are no longer affected by the participations ceilings
The opening hours of the restaurants are extended to 22:30
Step 2 is expected to take effect on 1 July, which means, among other things, that the participation ceilings for general gatherings will be further raised and associations can have activities and training without restrictions.
Step 3 is tentatively estimated for mid-July and means, among other things, that the restrictions on long-distance public transport and regulations that limit square meters per person in indoor and outdoor environments are removed.
Step 4 is estimated for September.
It is not determined when step 5 can take effect.
At regeringen.se you can read more about the different steps and what reliefs are planned for each step.

17 MAR 2021

The Public Health Agency has requested that the government lift Sweden’s entry ban for travellers from Denmark and Norway, so that the same rules would apply to them as to other Nordic and EU countries when the ban expires on March 31st, reports Swedish public radio.

It is in fact Sweden’s interior ministry, not the foreign ministry, that decides on border restrictions for foreign travellers.

Under the Public Health Agency’s proposals, travellers from Denmark and Norway would just like other EU/EEA countries have to show a negative Covid-19 test on the border, unless they are exempted (for example if they can prove they live in Sweden).

12 MAR 2021

Amusement parks such as Gröna Lund and Liseberg might be able to reopen on April 11th after the Public Health Agency of Sweden proposed a set of new rules and recommendations for zoos, museums, art galleries and amusement parks.

Under the new rules, these institutions would need to follow those already applied to shops and gyms and calculate the maximum number of visitors they can accept if each is to have ten square metres for themselves in museums and galleries, and 20 square metres in zoos and amusement parks.

As in department stores, gyms and swimming pools, museums and galleries will not be allowed to have more than 500 visitors at a time, no matter how much space they have. Zoos and amusement parks can have as many as they can fit while maintaining the correct amount of space per visitor.