T: Intensive Experience



Hola Amigos!

Me llamo Julio Espinal y soy Cubano!

It is an enormous pleasure to host you in my house "Alocubano Salsa Festival" - the finest Cuban Cultural Festival you could ever imagine.

I will take the best care of you and you can be sure that “mi casa es tu casa”.

I was born in Santiago de Cuba.

My career as professional dancer started back in 1980 when I joined a dance competition group in Santiago de Cuba.

I competed with the group for 5 years.

During this time I have learnt 12 different traditional Cuban dances.

I moved to Sweden many years ago.

You can imagine that this was a huge change in my life: different continent, different culture, different weather.

While I was learning new customs and habits, I have always missed my homeland and I dreamed of sharing Cuban culture, music, heat and smile with my new friends.

Alocubano Festival had its first edition already in 2008 in Sundsvall, Sweden.

The event grew strongly year by year and we had to move it to Stockholm so the spread of joy, Cuban flavour and the beat could reach even more Alocubaneros. 

I have started salsa courses in Sweden in 1993, but the idea of something much greater could not leave my mind. In this exact moment  "Alocubano Salsa Festival" has been born.