12-27 February 2021

Due to COVID-19 we will change the start date of our amazing trip to Cuba to middle of JULY 2021.

This is the best decision for ours and your safety.

Experience Cuban CARNIVAL TIME with us!

The program will not change much but will be very soon updated with some additional points.

Have you already been to Cuba before?

Forget what you already know.

This is a totally new experience!

Let us introduce you to the Real Cuba!

Would it be your first time to Cuba?

Be ready for an absolutely different world full of colours, flavours, music, dance and a lot of happy faces!

Let yourself be guided by the locals while exploring Cuba from a completely new point of view.

Surrounded by the best Cuban Dancers we will spend almost two weeks in the paradise of joy, delight & bliss.

Explore the real Cuba with us and dance till you can no more!⁣
Stay tuned.

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