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22 MAR 2021


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(FEB 2021) Scheduled flights are arriving in Cuba from Europe; however regional flights (including the USA, Mexico and Panama) are currently very restricted. All travellers to Cuba will be required to present a negative COVID-19 PCR test result certificate, taken within 72 hours prior to arrival in Cuba.

On arrival, Cuban doctors will give another mandatory PCR COVID test (“brain poke”) to arriving passengers. This costs USD $30; it is sometimes already included in the cost of the plane ticket. Visitors must then isolate in a hotel – it is no longer permitted to pass the quarantine period in private accommodation (casa particular).

It normally takes around 48 hours for the results of the test taken at the airport to arrive; during this time visitors must remain in their hotel rooms. After this they are free to use the hotel facilities (pool, bar etc) but must not leave the hotel.

On day 5 after arrival, yet another PCR test will be taken; once a negative result is received (~48 hours) the visitor is free to leave the hotel and can move to private accommodation if desired.

20 MAR 2021

Cuba starts countdown for mass vaccination.

HAVANA, March 21 (Xinhua) -- A batch of 150,000 volunteers will be inoculated with Cuba's Soberana 02 COVID-19 vaccines starting on Monday, according to its Center for State Control of Medicines, Equipment and Medical Devices.

The shots will target medical frontline workers, scientists from the local biotechnological industry, as well as personnels working in the high-risk areas, the center said. It came as Cuba on Sunday registered 796 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 and two more related deaths, bringing the total accounts to 66,758 and 394 respectively.

Francisco Duran, national director of hygiene and epidemiology at the Cuban Ministry of Public Health, told Xinhua that Havana remained the hardest-hit province.

16 FEB 2021

Researchers are working long shifts on Cuba's best shot to solve its coronavirus crisis: Soberana 2, the island's domestically-produced Covid-19 vaccine.

Soberana (Spanish for "sovereign") 2 is a conjugate vaccine - meaning an antigen is fused to a carrier molecule to bolster the vaccine's stability and effectiveness.

Within weeks, it will be tested on tens of thousands of volunteers.

As the COVID-19 pandemic disproportionately harms underprivileged people globally, Cuba’s “people over profit” approach has been saving many lives — both on the island and abroad. From the onset, Cuba’s approach has been holistic and integrated.

Its response is among the most respected in the world. Widespread confidence in the Cuban government’s science-based policies, public service media messaging and volunteerism are key reasons as to why Cuba has been able to control the viral reproduction rate until mass vaccination begins.

16 NOV 2020

Havana’s International Airport is again welcoming tourists from abroad, more than seven months after shutting down in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s not quite ‘business as usual’, but as CGTN’s Luis Chirino reports, it’s a big start that toward reinvigorating Cuba’s tourist industry. 

20 OCT 2020

Cuba makes a return to tourism after seven months of lockdown. The tourism industry in Cuba has been a thriving business and the nation is now planning to restart it. Last week, Cuban Prime Minister Manuel Marrero announced that 13 provinces of the country are being permitted to reopen for tourism.

The island nation has had 6000 confirmed cases and 123 deaths due to Coronavirus.

18 SEP 2020

Cuba will be testing all visitors for Coronavirus (COVID-19) when it reopens its airports to international travelers. Authorities are monitoring cases globally in order to determine the reopening date for Cuban airports.

Cuba has proactively implemented contact-tracing and testing along with COVID-19 precautionary measures recommended by the WTO.  This has significantly decreased reported active cases of COVID-19, and is expected to continue seeing numbers of active cases decrease.

The Ministry of Tourism in Cuba has confirmed that Havana International Airport continues to be shut down with airport reopening to be anticipated for the beginning of October, 2020. Airlines flying into Havana such as American Airlines (Miami International Airport) and Southwest (Fort Lauderdale) have opened up bookings to Havana starting October, 2020.