T: Intensive Experience


We have met many times on Cuban dancefloors in Sweden.

One day we started to talk about our lifes' goals and surprisingly we discovered that we may be heading to the same direction so why not join our forces and create something spectacular?

That day our cooperation started.


We are Katia & Julio and we cannot wait to meet you during our marvellous dance trip to Cuba!

We live, work and dance in Sweden, Stockholm but originally we are Polish and Cuban. A magic mixture. We can guarantee you tons of fun with us!

He is joy, fun, gazillions of laugh, spontaneity and a really kind, goodhearted representative of Santiago de Cuba.

She is energetic, a bit crazy but well organized and warm soul.

When you are with us you are a part of our small family and you can be sure that we will take the best care of you.

We speak many languages so the communication is very easy: Swedish, Spanish, English, Polish.