T: Intensive Experience


HAVANA CITY TOUR will give you the combination of walking the main streets, getting a comprehensive view of the city by car and the historical sights.

We start in Old Havana, which it is largely car-free, on foot.

This historic and colonial center is an open air museum of architecture, art and culture – a real treat for history and culture buffs.

The other half is called modern Havana, but certainly not less interesting, just very urban and genuine, with definitely historical highlights, although from a later era.

After the first part we will jump into very famous American Cars.

We will take a ride through the city being guided around the most interesting places in Havana.

SANTIAGO CITY TOUR will take us through this large sprawling city with many modern and historical areas.

 This is the city where the mysticism of the Caribbean meets the wealth of history and culture of the island.

Home of the music trova and son, the best rums and the most popular carnivals in Cuba.

We will see the most important areas and give you time to appreciate the unique beauty.