T: Intensive Experience


MATINEE is a perfomance/party that happens during the day, especially in the afternoon, instead of the evening.

It starts in the afternoon at 5pm with the spectacular experience of salsa with local Cubans.
We will visit one of the most famous Casa de la Musica in Havana!

Your entrence ticket is covered.

EL MALECON is an attractive maritime promenade approximately 8 km long located in Havana. This huge promenade is also one of the most authentic and famous avenues in all of Cuba.

El Malecón is a busy place in the evenings, full of people relaxing on the wall that separates the water and the road, musicians walking along & playing music.

This is one of the favorite meeting points for lovers, poets, folk singers, philosophers and fishermen.

El Malecón has an especially passionate atmosphere when it is growing dark, as here you’ll be able to experience one of the best sunsets the island has to offer.