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Vasastan • Stockholm Sweden

Sabrosura Kubansk Dansskola Stockholm

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Sabrosura Kubansk Dansskola Stockholm


We are a family that together creates a place that welcomes everyone. Led by Julio Espinal, we develop our dance skills, and learn about Cuban culture, music and traditions.

Do you dance with the RHYTHM?

During our courses you will learn to engage and understand your body movement and how to follow the music. We not only focus on the technique but we want you to find the joy that dance offers us all.

We are waiting for YOU!

Sabrosura Kubansk Dansskola Stockholm


We take you on the journey to magical, incredible Cuba. You don't have to come with your own dancepartner.

Our courses in Cuban Salsa, Rueda de Casino, Son, Rumba & Timba are the best way to fill your free time with a pleasant experience and meet new friends.


By applying to one of our classes, you agree to the terms TERMS.

★ When ordering two or more courses at the same time by the same participant, a 10% discount is given.
★ We have a 7-day right of return (does not apply to drop-in).
★ Course payments made later than 7 days before the start of the course are non-refundable.
★ We do not refund money for student absence days.



Cuban-style salsa is "circular" rather than linear. The man is constantly moving around the woman in a circular dynamic, checking her out and showing her off. Cubans call their salsa dance "casino". During the decadent days in Old Havana, all the action in the city went down to the casinos where people would go to dance.


Timba is a Cuban genre of music that Cuban musicians started by a musical revolution that ruled the downfall of the Soviet Union. They laid the foundations for the genres like son, salsa & songo. They made them more dynamic, demonstrated their instrumental virtuosity and integrated the rich heritage of Cuban music history, especially Cuban rumba.


Rueda de Casino is a popular dance where couples of dancers form a circle and perform dance movements called by one person and constantly exchanging dance partners. The casino itself has its roots in 'Danz'n, as do its derivatives, the Son Afro-Cuban dances such as Guaguane the Mambo, a rhythm invented by Cachao at the world-famous Tropicana Club in Havana.


Rumba is recognized as a valuable part of the Cubans' intangible heritage.It has its origins in solares - the areas where freed slaves lived after slavery was abolished in 1886. Someone would start drumming on a wooden box, someone else would hit a couple of sticks, and more and more people would show up to join the party. There are three main styles of rumba: Columbia, Guaguanco and Yambu.