AloCubano Salsa Festival

Soy Julio Espinal y Cubano Soy!

Hola Amigos!

It is an enormous pleasure to host you in my home AloCubano. I will take the best care of you and I want you to be sure, that “mi casa es tu casa”. Once you walk in - you are a member of our Family!

From Santiago de Cuba to Stockholm!

Qué rica mi Cuba!

I was born in Santiago de Cuba. My career as professional dancer started back in 1980 when I joined a dance competition group in Santiago de Cuba. I competed with the group for 5 years. During this time I have learnt 12 different traditional Cuban dances.

Promoting Cuban Culture around the world since 1993!

Cultura & Sabrosura!

I have started Cuban dance classes in Sweden in 1993, dreaming everyday about sharing my own Culture with a huge audience.

I strongly believed that whatever you can imagine, you can do and so, in 2008, AloCubano Festival had it's first edition. Today, Cuban flavour & rhythm, are reaching thousands of AloCubaneros around the world!