AloCubano Salsa Festival

Perform on the world's hottest stage!

Alocubano Salsa Festival Shows


β˜… dance Groups of at least 5 perfomers representing the styles: Cuban, Bachata, Salsa (on1, on2), hiphop and possible fusions. Children can participate only with an approval from their guardian

Alocubano Salsa Festival Shows


β˜… the show should last no longer than 2 min 30 sec. After successful registration, you will receive further instructions

β˜… a dancer can participate in one show only

Alocubano Salsa Festival Shows


β˜… there is no registration fee. Each performer must purchase a FULL PASS & is entitled to a 20% discount. Tickets must be paid within 14 days after the registration

β˜… Registration closes on 25-SEP-2024 or earlier in case there are no places left

β˜… if no payment is made within 14 days, your place will be allocated to the next group in the line

β˜… it is not possible to return the FULL PASS

β˜… in the event of resignation from performance, the person is obliged to pay the remaining amount up to the full cost of the selected ticket valid for the time of resignation

β˜… changes in the chosen music can be made at least one week before the event

β˜… in the event of a show cancellation, all tickets will also be canceled along with any free tickets associated with the group

β˜… the deadline for any changes is September 25th, 2024

β˜… registering for the shows involves acceptance of the above regulations

β˜… the group’s leader is obliged to inform the participants about the above rules

β˜… name changes are possible following our terms & conditions

Register your show using the form below. Upon successful application, we will contact you for further instructions.

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