AloCubano Salsa Festival



β˜… Participants may only register using the provided online registration form (ticket purchase). Registrations are binding and are reviewed in the order in which they are received. Each program is open to a limited number of participants. If more applications are received than space allows, the organizer will create a waiting list and immediately inform the participants of their position on the list.


β˜… It is obligatory to bring your PERSONAL E-TICKET containing QR CODE, received directly after the purchase and ID confirming the data on the ticket to enter the event. Anyone without a ticket's QR CODE will be refused the entrance to the event!

β˜… It is participant’s responsibility to keep the purchased ticket with QR CODE saved on a mobile device or printed. In case of problems with finding the ticket you are advised to contact immediately the organizer via Before sending notification we recommend checking all subfolders, especially SPAM folders.

β˜… Wearing a festival wristband during the whole event is OBLIGATORY. It is forbidden to remove it or pass it to another person.

β˜… You are entitled to one wristband during the whole weekend of the festival. We exchange wristbands only if they get destroyed for some singular reasons. In such a case you need to bring your destroyed wristband to the registration desk to exchange it for the new one. In other cases a purchase of a new ticket will be necessary.

Please pay attention while putting on the wristband, if the grip is comfortable for you.


β˜… Due to special prices for the AloCubano festival, tickets for accommodation and meals are non-refundable.

β˜… By purchasing Hotel Room you agree to hotel's terms & conditions that can be found on hotel's website.

β˜… Accommodation Tax of 3 EUR per room per night is not included in AloCubano hotel prices & needs to be paid by you at the check-in.

β˜… Guests are required to present upon check-in valid photo identification and a credit card for any incidental charges. The guest who made the booking must be the holder of the bank card. In case a card is not presented, prepayment will be returned and a different payment method will be required.


β˜… Due to special prices for the AloCubano festival, tickets for accommodation and meals are non-refundable.

β˜… We have a 10 days return policy (does not apply to accommodation). You cannot return your ticket after 10 days from the purchase, for whatever reason, including any emergencies.

β˜… The refund will be sent to the buyer’s account within 45 days from the date when refund request has been received, in total amount paid minus 10 % service fees & minus 4 EUR transaction fee, according to the confirmation received from the Festival Team.

β˜… If the refund request is made after 10 APR 2024 the refund is processed within 45 days in total amount paid minus 40 % service fees & minus 4 EUR transaction fee.

β˜… Tickets purchased after April 22, 2024 are non-refundable.


β˜… You can resell your ticket and change it's owners' name only ONCE and not later than on 20 APR 2024. A repurchased ticket may not be resold again to another person. Such tickets are not subject to a 10-days return policy. The organizer does not participate in the search of new owners of repurchased passes and transactions between the owners.

The first owner of the ticket informs the organizer about the change by sending to a notification with the name, surname and email of the new owner. Within 48 hours from receiving confirmation of this notification an OWNER CHANGE FEE needs to be paid according to received instructions. The amount of the FEE depends on the moment of proceeding the change:

βž” 10 EUR change until 25 DEC 2023

βž” 15 EUR change 16 DEC 2023 to 31 MAR 2024
βž” 40 EUR change 01 APR to 10 APR 2024
β˜… After
20 APR 2024 no owner changes of passes will be accepted regardless of the reason.

β˜… Tickets for BOOTCAMPS or SPECIAL CLASSES may be subject to separate rules of changes and reselling which will be detailed in description of each ticket.


β˜… It is possible to change a type of your ticket as long as it is a similar type or an upgrade to your previous purchase. In order to proceed with the exchange you need to notify that to the organizer via and make a surcharge which is the current difference of the prices between the two tickets, according to the festival’s pricing table.

The payment should be paid according to instructions received. In case of a change to a cheaper ticket there are no refunds of the difference between prices. An upgraded ticket is not a subject to a 10-days return policy.


β˜… BOOTCAMP ticket includes the selected BOOTCAMP ONLY. Other tickets like Workshops, Parties, Master Classes etc. are not included in the BOOTCAMP ticket. You are entitled to a discount, as per bootcamp information, if you buy additional ticket for the event. This discount cannot be combined with other offers, for example Early Bird or other discount code etc. In case of returning the BOOTCAMP ticket and keeping the additional ticket, a surcharge of the discounted amount will be required. The organizer reserves the right to cancel BOOTCAMP in case there are not enough participants in the project. The instructors reserve the right to choose who is going to perform on the stage.


β˜… The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the event program. If necessary, changes may be made to its content, method and organization before or during the event, insofar as these changes do not substantially diminish the described benefits of the event for the participant.


β˜… The organizer reserves the right to cancel event wholly or in part in case of an insufficient number of participants, program cancellations, organizational reasons, changes of availability of speakers, force majeure or other unforeseeable events that render the execution of the event impossible and/or not worthwhile or that would lead to the organizer incurring unreasonable expenses in executing the event. The organizer shall immediately inform participants of such changes.

β˜… Should the event be cancelled by the organizer as a result of force majeure, as outlined above, the organizer will refund the event fee in full.

β˜… Claims for further liabilities or damages are excluded. Participants may not assert any further claims and any such claims shall be excluded. This also applies to compensation claims for travel and accommodation costs and lost working hours.


β˜… Tickets for AloCubano Festival Greece won in any kind of contest or received for FREE are not returnable, they cannot be transferred to another event or edition or exchanged for cash. We admit upgrades of such tickets according to the general terms & conditions. If the winner of a contest already has a ticket for this edition, the won pass may be transferred to another owner no later than 10 days after the official results of the contest. In other cases transfering the ticket is impossible.

β˜… Tickets sold in SPECIAL OFFERS may be subject to separate rules of return, resale and exchange, detailed in terms & conditions of each offer.


β˜… By attending AloCubano Festival, all participants, including attendees, artists, performers, and staff, implicitly grant the festival and its authorized representatives the irrevocable right and permission to capture and use photographs, videos, or audio recordings in which they appear, for promotional and marketing purposes.


β˜… All rights to the name and logo of the festival are reserved to the Organizer.

β˜… The Organizer is not responsible for items lost, abandoned or left at the venue.

β˜… Smoking is forbidden in the area of the event.

β˜… The Organizer reserves the right to remove a Participant who does not comply with sanitary requirements or will disturb the peace during the course of the event.

β˜… The Organizer has the right to make changes in the regulations if it is necessary. 

β˜… The Organizer reserves the right to introduce changes to the programme of the event. The changes may refer to the location, workshop schedule and the list of invited artists.

β˜… The Organizer reserves the right also to cancel the festival if it is necessary or if it is not possible to organize the event safely.

β˜… The Organizer is not responsible for force majeure such as: weather conditions – incl. heavy rainfall and gusty winds preventing the assembly of the scenes in accordance with health and safety regulations, breakdowns or disruptions in the operation of equipment supplying electricity, heat, light, military operations or actions of state or local authorities in the formulation of policies, laws and regulations affecting the performance of obligations.

β˜… Regulations are available on the website and at the festival office.

β˜… Regulations are valid since the time of announcing on the website

β˜… In conjunction with European Union regulation about Privacy Policy we inform you about processing of your personal data on website 

β˜… The method of conducting classes, sequences of movements, methodology and organizational structure is an original creation prepared by The Organizers as well as people employed on the basis of individual contracts. This entirety is covered by copyright and is the sole property of The Organizers or other entities, if it is stipulated in a separate agreement. β˜… Any attempt to copy, share, imitate or reproduce based on the Copyright Act will have consequences in court, without the possibility of an amicable settlement.