AloCubano Salsa Festival



Participation is exclusively permitted through completion of the designated online registration form (ticket purchase). Registrations are considered final and are processed in the sequence they are received. Enrollment in each program is subject to capacity constraints. In the event of applications surpassing available space, the organizer will establish a waiting list and promptly communicate each participant's position therein.


★ Attendance at the event requires the presentation of your individual e-ticket, inclusive of the QR code, issued promptly following purchase, along with identification validating the details on the ticket.

★ Admission will be denied to individuals lacking a valid QR code ticket.

★ Participants are accountable for retaining their purchased tickets with QR code either stored on a mobile device or printed. Should difficulties arise in locating the ticket, it is advisable to promptly contact the organizer via Prior to notification, we recommend thorough scrutiny of all mail folders, particularly SPAM folders.

★ Continuous wearing of the festival wristband throughout the duration of the event is mandatory. Any attempt to remove or transfer the wristband to another individual is strictly prohibited.

★ You are assigned one wristband for the duration of the festival weekend. Wristbands will only be replaced in the event of irreparable damage under specific circumstances. Should such an incident occur, kindly present the damaged wristband at the Front Desk for a replacement. Otherwise, the acquisition of a new ticket will be required. We advise careful consideration of wristband comfort during application.


★ Due to the special pricing structure for the AloCubano festival, tickets for accommodation and meals are non-refundable.

★ Purchasing a Hotel Room implies acceptance of the hotel's terms and conditions, which are available on the hotel's website.

★ Guests must provide valid photo identification and a credit card for potential incidental charges during check-in. The cardholder making the reservation must be present with the corresponding bank card. Failure to present the card will result in the return of any prepayment and necessitate an alternative payment method.


★ Due to the special pricing structure for the AloCubano festival, tickets for accommodation and meals are non-refundable.

★ A 10-day return policy is in effect (excluding accommodation). Tickets cannot be returned after 10 days from the date of purchase, regardless of circumstances, including emergencies.

★ Refunds will be credited to the buyer's account within 45 days from the receipt of the refund request, with the total amount paid reduced by 10% service fees and a 15 PLN transaction fee, as confirmed by the Festival Team.

★ Refund requests made after September 15, 2024, will be processed within 45 days, with the total amount paid reduced by 40% service fees and a 15 PLN transaction fee.

★ Tickets purchased after October 1, 2024, are non-refundable.


Ticket resale and transfer of ownership are permissible only once and must be completed no later than September 30, 2024. Subsequently, the resold ticket cannot be transferred to another individual. Such transactions are exempt from the standard 10-day return policy. The organizer assumes no responsibility for facilitating the transfer of ownership or transactions between parties.

The initial ticket holder must notify the organizer of the ownership change by emailing with the new owner's full name, surname, and email address. Upon receipt of confirmation, the owner change fee must be remitted within 48 hours, following the provided instructions. The fee amount varies according to the timing of the change:

➔ €10 for changes made until July 10, 2024
➔ €15 for changes made from July 11, 2024, to September 10, 2024
➔ €40 for changes made from September 11 to September 30, 2024

★ No owner changes will be accepted after September 30, 2024, irrespective of circumstances.

★ Separate rules governing changes and resale of tickets for Bootcamps or Master Classes will be outlined in the description of each respective ticket.


It is permissible to alter the type of your ticket provided that the new type is equivalent or represents an upgrade from your original purchase. To effect this change, please notify the organizer via and remit a surcharge equal to the current price difference between the two tickets, as outlined in the festival's pricing table.

Payment should be made in accordance with the provided instructions. In the event of a downgrade to a less expensive ticket, no refunds will be issued for the price difference. An upgraded ticket is exempt from the 10-day return policy.


The Bootcamp ticket provides access solely to the selected Bootcamp session. It does not include admission to other events such as Workshops, Parties, Master Classes, etc. However, purchasers are eligible for a discount on additional event tickets, as outlined in the Bootcamp information. This discount cannot be combined with other offers, such as Early Bird promotions or discount codes. Should the Bootcamp ticket be returned while retaining additional event tickets, a surcharge equivalent to the discounted amount will be levied.

The organizer retains the right to cancel the Bootcamp if the minimum number of participants is not met. Additionally, instructors reserve the authority to select performers for the stage.


The organizer retains the authority to modify the event program. Alterations to its content, methodology, and organization may be implemented before or during the event.


The organizer reserves the prerogative to cancel the event in its entirety or partially due to insufficient participant numbers, program cancellations, organizational constraints, unavailability of artists, force majeure, or other unforeseeable circumstances rendering event execution impractical or economically unfeasible, or which would impose unreasonable financial burdens on the organizer. Participants will be promptly notified of any such changes.

★ In the event of cancellation by the organizer due to force majeure, as described above, participants will receive a full refund of the event fee.

★ Claims for additional liabilities or damages are hereby disclaimed. Participants are precluded from making further claims, including reimbursement for travel and accommodation expenses, and loss of work hours.


Tickets awarded as prizes in contests or received for free for the AloCubano Festival are non-refundable, non-transferable to other events or editions, and cannot be exchanged for cash. However, upgrades of such tickets are permitted in accordance with the general terms and conditions. If the winner of a contest already possesses a ticket for the current edition, the prize pass may be transferred to another individual within 10 days following the official announcement of contest results. Transferring the ticket in other circumstances is not permitted.

★ Tickets purchased through special offers may be subject to distinct rules regarding returns, resale, and exchanges, as outlined in the terms and conditions of each respective offer.


★ By participating in the AloCubano Festival, all attendees, including guests, artists, performers, and staff, automatically provide the festival and its authorized representatives with the irrevocable right and consent to capture and utilize photographs, videos, or audio recordings featuring them, for promotional and marketing purposes.


★ All rights to the name and logo of the festival are exclusively reserved by the Organizer.

★ The Organizer shall not be held liable for any lost, abandoned, or left items at the venue.

★ Smoking is strictly prohibited within the event area.

★ The Organizer reserves the right to eject any Participant who fails to comply with sanitary standards or disrupts the peace during the event.

★ The Organizer retains the authority to amend the regulations if deemed necessary.

★ The Organizer reserves the right to make alterations to the event program, including changes to location, workshop schedules, and the line-up of invited artists.

★ The Organizer also reserves the right to cancel the festival if deemed necessary or if circumstances arise that prevent the safe organization of the event.

★ The Organizer bears no responsibility for force majeure events, such as adverse weather conditions (including heavy rainfall and gusty winds that hinder the assembly of stages in compliance with health and safety regulations), equipment breakdowns, disruptions in electricity, heat, or light supply, military operations, or actions of state or local authorities affecting the performance of obligations.

★ The regulations are accessible on the website and at the Front Desk.

★ These regulations are effective upon announcement on the website

★ In accordance with European Union regulations regarding Privacy Policy, we hereby notify you of the processing of your personal data on the website

★ The methodology for conducting classes, movement sequences, and organizational structures are original creations developed by the Organizers and individuals employed under individual contracts. This entirety is protected by copyright and remains the exclusive property of the Organizers or other entities, as stipulated in separate agreements. Any attempt to copy, share, imitate, or reproduce content covered by the Copyright Act will be subject to legal consequences, without the possibility of an amicable settlement.


All festival participants and members of the public within the event premises are required to conduct themselves in a manner that upholds the health and safety of others and to adhere to the following rules and safety protocols:

★ Admission to the event premises will be denied to:

a. Individuals carrying prohibited items, including alcohol, drugs, firearms, weapons, explosives, and any other hazardous objects, as well as attire or items that may obstruct identification (e.g., balaclavas).

b. Individuals displaying abusive or aggressive behaviour, failing to provide proof of identity, or refusing to undergo a security search of their person or belongings.

★ Any individual found:

a. Behaving aggressively or abusively, or deemed to pose a risk to others.

b. In possession of prohibited items (as listed in point 1.a.), will be promptly ejected from the event.

★ All participants must adhere to safety instructions provided by the Promoter or Security Personnel.

★ Incidents involving physical violence or verbal abuse directed at Security Personnel will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

★ Personnel responsible for enforcement shall take requisite measures to prevent any actions that may compromise the dignity of individuals or damage their personal property.

★ Minors remain under the supervision of their parents or legal guardians.

★ By entering the event premises, participants consent to being filmed, recorded, or photographed; their likeness, image, voice, and statements may be utilized for marketing or promotional purposes without compensation.

★ In the event of a fire or other emergency:

a. Immediately inform Safety Personnel.

b. Avoid causing panic.

c. Adhere to the instructions provided by Safety Personnel.

d. Do not obstruct emergency service access.

★ Event participants acknowledge that Safety Personnel's primary objective is to prevent any potential harm to individuals or property. Actions taken by Safety Personnel in accordance with the law for this purpose are authorized.

★ These regulations are accessible on our website and will be prominently displayed at the venue entrance for clear visibility to all entering the event.

Any individual failing to comply with safety instructions issued by the Promoter or Security Personnel, as mandated by law, may be subject to a fine of no less than 500 EUR and could face exclusion from mass events for a period of 3 to 12 months. Prohibited items will be confiscated, without liability, even if they belong to a third party.