AloCubano Salsa Festival


1998 Sweden

First Small Cuban Events ★ Sundsvall

The AloCubano journey began in 1994 with small Cuban events led by Julio Espinal in Sundsvall. These initial gatherings laid the foundation for what would become a celebrated festival.

AloCubano Cuban Live Music Concerts
AloCubano Cuban Live Music Concerts

1999 Cuba

First Cuba Dance Tour ★ Havana

AloCubano expanded its horizons with the first AloCubano Cuba Dance Tour, visiting Havana, Trinidad, Santiago and bringing the vibrant culture of Cuba to a wider audience.

2006 Sweden

First AloCubano Festival ★ Sundsvall

By 2006, AloCubano had grown significantly, hosting its first official festival edition in Sweden. This event took place in Sundsvall, marking a significant milestone in the event's history.

AloCubano Cuban Live Music Concerts
AloCubano Cuban Live Music Concerts

2013 Sweden

7th Edition AloCubano ★ Stockholm

The festival continued to thrive, and in 2013, the 7th edition was held in Stockholm at the prestigious Norra Latin venue. This event highlighted the festival's growing popularity and influence.

2013 Sweden

First Live Music ★ Stockholm

AloCubano hosted its first live music concert in 2013, featuring Barbaro Fines y su Mayimbe. This concert marked the beginning of a series of live performances by renowned Cuban artists in the following years, including El Noro y Primera Clase, Lazarito Valdes y Bamboleo, La Liga Habanera, Juan Formell y Los Van Van, Havana D'Primera, and Pupy y Los Que Son Son.

AloCubano Cuban Live Music Concerts
AloCubano Cuban Live Music Concerts

2022 Greece

First AloCubano Festival ★ Athens

AloCubano took a significant step towards international expansion in 2022 with its first edition in Greece, held in the historic city of Athens. This marked the festival's entry into the European scene.

2023 Poland

First AloCubano Festival ★ Warsaw

The following year, in 2023, AloCubano continued its international journey with its first edition in Poland, hosted in the vibrant city of Warsaw. This event showcased the festival’s global appeal and its ability to bring Cuban culture to diverse audiences.

AloCubano Cuban Live Music Concerts